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Official Candidates for Binibining Alegria 2023

November 6, 2023

Get ready for a dazzling display of beauty, grace, and talent as the most awaited pageant of the year, Binibining Alegria 2023, draws near. We are thrilled to introduce our lovely candidates who will vie for the prestigious title of Binibining Alegria 2023. Each of these exceptional women embodies the spirit of Alegria and is ready to showcase their charisma, poise, and dedication to our beautiful town.
Meet the Stunning Candidates:
1. Venus Dumagil
2. Keitly Villarta
3. Jezel Carriaga
4. Maria Keseya Christ Libron
5. Sydel Serrano
6. Rachelle Lucero
7. Rige Mae Geraldino
8. Reinhart Serrano
9. Michaela Batausa
10. Princess Janine Ledama
11. Nadine A. Binarao
12. Yasam Doga Aydogan
These twelve remarkable women represent the diverse and authentic spirit of Alegria. Their journey in this pageant promises to be filled with dedication, hard work, and the passion to make their hometown proud.
This year’s slogan, “Authentically Alegriana,” captures the essence of Alegria, celebrating the unique and genuine qualities that define this charming town. It’s a reminder that true beauty and grace come from the heart, and it’s our Alegriana contestants who embody these values.
Save the Date! The grand Coronation Nite is set for December 1, 2023. Don’t miss this extraordinary event, where one of these outstanding women will be crowned as Binibining Alegria 2023.
Join us as we support and celebrate these inspiring candidates on their journey to the crown. Let’s unite as a community to showcase the true beauty and talent that is authentically Alegriana! 🌹👑
#BinibiningAlegria2023 #AuthenticallyAlegriana

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