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With the scenic mountains on one side and the pristine beaches, the Municipality of Alegria offers a picturesque diorama of nature at play. Alegria is characterized by narrow coastlines, limestone mountainsides, and coastal plains. Rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges traverse from boundary to boundary. The coastal lands are not fertile, its soil having been used continuously for hundreds of years. But the valleys of its hinterlands are still productive and continue to grow and produce agricultural food supply both for the people of Alegria and adjacent towns. Alegria was once called “Tubod” after a famous spring that served both its inhabitants. And travelers with its crystalline waters for drinking and other purposes under the shade of the three big Talisay trees, conversely, realized that there already exists a municipality at the Northern part of Cebu bearing the same appellation. Alegria found its way under coincidence, when a group of Spaniards passed by the spring and somehow, overwhelmed by the exuberant scenario of the natives happily playing music as the women did their laundries, uncontrollably shouted “Que Alegre!”, which in the vernacular means “how jovial!”




Native tribe; then a Spanish-era barrio called Tuburan after the spring (tubod) located at sitio Tubig (Santa Rosa) in the Poblacion.

January 31, 1850

Leaders of Tuburan ask the Governor of Cebu to support their petition for civil separation from mother town (Matriz) Malabuyoc.

February 04

Malabuyoc leaders send a letter of support for the said petition. Tuburan had a church made of tabique de Pampango, a convent and tribunal of light materials, two rubble watchtowers, and 4101/2 tributos (one family = 1 tribute; unmarried adult = ½ tribute).

February 15

The petition goes to the Civil Administrator and Commanding General of the Visayas then sent to Superior Government in Manila.

March 31

Assessor General recommends approval of the said petition

April 03

Captain and Governor-General of the Philippine Islands (Antonio Maria Blanco approves the establishment of Tuburan as a town.

August 24

The Governor of Cebu recommends changing the town’s name to avoid confusing it with similarly named barrios in Balamban and Bogo.

September 25

Captain and Governor-General of the Philippines (Antonio de Urbistondo y Eguia) issue changed the town’s name to Alegria.

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